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Looking for a vintage PRS that won't break the bank?

pre-factory PRS CE24's are absolutely fantastic. Desert island machine if ever there was one. Paul knows how to build them!

Building a 60's Princeton Reverb Clone

Many believe this is the perfect club amp. A tough call between this and a Tweed Deluxe. Stay tuned to this blog as we showcase both amps and let you decide.

The venerable 50's Tweed Deluxe

The tweed deluxe. Built with geniune period correct paper wound transformers. She sounds as sweet as she looks.

Our idea of a perfect 60's Strat?

The goal of this project was to build 60's style strat that would contain the best elements of 60's strat design with some modern improvements.

60's Blackface Vibrolux Reverb

This vintage reproduction was accurate right down to the color of each cloth covered wire!

Does anyone remember 1978?

1978 was such a great year for Rock-n-Roll. Van Halen hit the airwaves like a sledgehammer delivering a new sound that would change rock and roll guitar forever.

A superstrat has to start with a super body...

This beatiful body was the foundation of a marvelous build. It was so pretty I was afraid to touch it!

An Antique Classic Les Paul

This P-90 Les Paul sounds great screeming out high gain solo's or lulling you with sweet melodies.

80's LANEY Protube 50

The early 6 knob protube 50 is a blatent copy of a JCM 800 2204. Circuit boards, chassis cutouts, transformers, etc.. all almost identical. Just like some of the 80's Marshalls this one came equiped for the USA market with 6L6's. We converted this one to EL34's for that classic Marshall crunch. While we were at it we replaced all the electrolytic caps with German F&T's and all the coupling caps with Sozo's. We even sourced some genuine NOS Mullard 34's for her! I do not think I have ever heard a better sounding amp.


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