Building a 60's Strat

The goal of this project was to build 60's style strat that would contain the best elements of 60's strat design with some modern improvements.

We started with an Allparts vintage route body finished in sea foam green lacquer. Fender began this colour and others like it due to the popularity of 50's automobiles finishes.

Notable Strat Players: Buddy Holly, Bob Dylan, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix.

An extremely nice Warmoth Pro birdseye figured maple neck with a straight 9.5 inch radius rosewood board was chosen to compliment the body. Fender began offering rosewood boards midway through 1959 and they quickly gained popularity through the 60's as guitarists appreciated the slight warming of the tone and great feel under their fingers. A bone nut was hand made and fitted to the neck along with Gotoh vintage style tuning keys.

A Fender American Vintage bridge with cold rolled steel block and period correct bent steel saddles was is the bridge of choice for our 60's strat. It was mounted with the tremolo pivot screws located exactly 25.25" from the string nut. Accurate measuring and perfectly perpendicular plunge drilling ensures the bridge saddles will be located at the correct 25 1/2 inch scale length and tremelo action will be as smooth as butter. "this is how you make a tremelo flutter properly".

A genuine Fender jack plate along with a quality usa made switchcraft jack was installed.

A genuine Fender mint green pickguard was loaded with vintage flat pole piece pickups measuring 5.63KOhms at the neck, 6.04KOhms in the middle, and 7.47KOhms at the bridge. Vintage CTS pots and an vintage CRL pickup selector was installed.

Final setup included an accurate neck alignment, fret dressing and polishing, tremolo set to raise the tone a perfect whole note when pulled back to the body, and intonation set using a peterson strobe tuner.

This Strat sounds as good as it looks.


4 November, 2016

This strat just feels right in your hands and sounds fantastic.

11 November, 2016

I'm not a fan of the color but it sure sounds great.

11 november 2016

That birdseye is just beautiful.