Vintage Reproductions

Maybe you want a vintage amplifier but you are weary of the unreliability that comes with decades old electronics. Original vintage amplifiers are great for collectors and hold there value well. However, when you chose to gig with one you are at far greater risk for a mid show failure than you would be with a good reproduction. A good reproduction can be made to sound just as good and will provide a much higher level of reliability.

This Vibrolux Reverb amp was built to be as close to an original 1964 as possible right down to the color of the cloth wires used to wire the various components together. This build featured geniune Fender transformers, spraque electrolytic capacitors, allen bradley carbon composition resistors, orange drop coupling caps, Jensen 10" reissue speakers, a dove tailed pine cabinet, and Accutronics reverb tank, and a very accurate chassis set.

We can also modify the original design to better suite your gigging needs. We have for example created a 6V6 version of the Vibrolux Reverb. Essensially reducing the wattage from 40W to a gig friendly 22W Deluxe Reverb level while stil retaining the dual 10" speaker format.

Tweed, Blackface, JTM, JCM, Trainwreck, Matchless, Supro.....The choice is yours



19 january, 2011